Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jewelry Blog: Today's 5 Jewelry And Accessory Picks!!

The 5 Picks for today are here on the Jewelry Blog!! Below I will feature items that are now trending for the 2013 jewelry and accessory season. If you haven't already discovered whats in for this season, well let me update you on some trends here on the Jewelry Blog to get you back in style! If I were to sum it up into one word it would be any jewelry or accessory piece that screams Bold. items that are made up of heavy metals, neon colors, spikes, chain links, anything that is brass, big cuffs, snake designed jewelry or gypsy style fashion like bright beads and head pieces. Last but not least rose gold is definitely on a high rise comeback, which I never realized was such a beautiful color!. Well I hope that helps you today on the Jewelry Blog and Enjoy!!

Bella gypsy style Headpiece

Glenne Bracelet with heavy metal chains and gun metal links
Holly Gold romantic Victorian style ring

Ebony Necklace big shimmering necklace

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