Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jewlelry Blog: Flash Sale Wednesdays!

Proud to announce on the Jewelry Blog  that every Wednesday I will be doing a flash sale at my boutique!! If you are not already clear as to how the Jewelry Blog Flash Sale Wednesdays work, This is how it works.

  • Flash sales are week-long, deep discount, sales that start every Wednesday.
  • From now on,  There will be up to 12 items each week by 8PM ET on every Wednesday.
  • This is why it is called a flash sale, because these items will be on sale at the set price for only that week.
 Below I will give you the current flash sale items, which will only be available until 8PM ET tonight. Once 8PM hits, I will post the NEW flash sale items to the Jewelry Blog from my boutique which will last until 8PM ET on Wednesday of the following week. If there is any confusion then please feel free to send a email or leave a comment. Hope you enjoy!

                      Current Flash Sale Items!! Sale Ends at 8PM ET Tonight!!

             CANDICE'S FLASH SALE 

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