Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jewelry Blog Flash Sale Wednesday!!

Today on the Jewelry Blog I am changing the Flash Sale jewelry on my Jewelry Blog as of now, so the previous jewelry that I posted last week on the Jewelry Blog will no longer be sale items,starting as of 8:00PM ET time tonight.

          This week on the Jewelry Blog, I wanted to feature a variety of necklaces showing that there is something there for every kind of shopper. The tag on the jewelry may be a little on the higher end for some items compared to the jewelry I posted last week on the Jewelry Blog but I really wanted to show the variety that we carry inside the boutique.
               These are some of the Kitsy Lane community's favorite styles. Best of all, they are offered at a deep discount - but only for a limited time. For pricing visit the boutique So get in and get shopping!


jewelry blog Ebony Necklacejewelry blog Safia Necklacejewelry blog Gina Necklace     

jewelry blog Petula Pink   jewelry blog Victoria Necklace  Jewelry blog Martina Necklace  

jewelry blog Vera Celadon      jewelry blog Stephanie Necklacejewelry blog Tania Necklace

Brandi Black     Agatha Pendant jewelry blog Blaine Necklace      
Deep Discounts for a Short Time
 Well that concludes today's Flash Sale on the Jewelry Blog! Hope you enjoy!

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